The Power of PR

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If I had two dollars left, I would spend one dollar on PR.” – Bill Gates

The importance of an effective PR campaign is rooted in the credibility it gives your brand. PR is inherently different from other forms of marketing, as PR efforts secure earned media versus paid media. This concept of ‘earning media’ is a very important distinguisher between PR and advertising, underscoring how PR can build your brand’s exposure and recognition. We never pay for media placements because we believe doing so takes away what makes PR so powerful — its authenticity.

We utilize a large, reputable database of editors, producers, and writers to secure traditional and digital media placements for our clients. Securing a placement in the media means that your brand is newsworthy. When your brand is featured in the media, traditional or otherwise, you can use that feature in all of your other marketing efforts. Additionally, potential customers who would have normally not found your brand may come across your feature, leading to increased sales, and greater brand recognition.

An effective PR campaign helps get the story of your brand out there, beginning the important journey of creating brand loyalty and a positive reputation. In truth, if you care about your brand and want to get your products in front of the right people, you can’t afford not to invest in PR.