In the Age of E-Commerce, Do You Need PR?

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Many emerging brands will reach a certain point in their inception when the question arises, Do we need PR? Timing is definitely a huge factor here, as you have to consider many things if you’re a new brand before you can begin to think about PR. But the answer to the question of timing is that it never hurts to start exploring your PR campaign. Nowadays, so many purchases are taking place online and social media only continues to become more and more important for brands. Therefore, many plan to invest their money in a digital marketing campaign. We agree that this makes sense. However, at The Ross Group, we take a more holistic approach. 

We believe that an effective PR campaign utilizes a number of different strategies. Not only does an effective campaign address social media and digital advertising, but it also focuses on traditional media outreach as those placements garner a lot of credibility and brand recognition. It’s also crucial to keep an updated website where customers can turn to if they spot your ads online, your posts on social channels, or your features in the media. 

Here at The Ross Group, we acknowledge that the internet has exacerbated so many advancements in the way we buy and sell goods. We believe that nowadays, it’s important to take a holistic approach to a PR/digital marketing campaign, as this will garner the best results and highest conversion rates while building brand loyalty and awareness. In summary, if you want to get your brand in front of people, and the right people, you need PR.