VOSS Water of Norway Adds Two Flavored Sparkling Waters

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Lemon Cucumber and Tangerine Lemongrass

Debuted April 1 by Ross Group Client


VOSSJust in time for spring, VOSS Water of Norway has just added two refreshing delicious flavors to their sparkling water lineup: Lemon Cucumber and Tangerine Lemongrass.

The team at VOSS conducted extensive research and created two all-natural flavors that are delicious on their own or would be the perfect complement to a variety of spirits.  These unique flavor combinations pair well with all types of meals from Asian fusion to the classic steak and potatoes.

“Our drinkers are loyal and enjoy exploring water-based beverages,” said Ken Gilbert, CMO of VOSS Water of Norway.  “They love our natural sparkling water and, via our robust social media channels, asked for interesting combination flavors to complement the line.  We obliged of course. Please check out our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram to join the conversation.”

The new VOSS flavors come just in time for those looking to get healthier for the spring and summer months. A national survey* revealed that 58% of Americans tend to focus more on a healthy lifestyle choices leading into the warmer months, and of those people, 61% say they try to drink more water in an effort to lose weight and get healthier. However, 39% of Americans have a hard time drinking it because the lack of flavor in water turns them off. VOSS’ new flavor combinations are in line with what many consumers are looking for in a water product.

VOSS new flavored sparkling waters are:

  • Unique and delicious flavor combinations 
  • Available in Iconic and distinctive glass bottle 
  • Made with VOSS artesian water from Norway
  • All natural 
  • Unsweetened / 0 calories


SOURCE PR Newsire / VOSS Wate of Norway